I wrote this  narrative to afford my boys the opportunity to ask me questions. After Mother passed away, I often wondered about something from our past, and I could no longer ask her. I want to give my son and grandsons a sense of what the world was like 65 years ago and about mine and Robin’s childhoods. Some people will be quick to tag my family as dysfunctional, but that is a label – my family was imperfect.

My many experiences were much different than the average person’s or even of my own expectations. This story has been written to the best of my memory of the experiences and impressions I had of the past. I have been overly blessed with family, mentors and outstanding friends. All of which I am deeply grateful to have had in my life.

In reflection, I am aware that I am extremely lucky. I have learned that luck is not enough, life requires hard work. For my grandsons, luck is not equal to talent. Hard work = talent.

This is to nudge you to think of questions. I hope you will ask me, willingly. As a mother and a grandmother, my wish is that you accept this in the spirit it was written. If not – get over yourself.

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